Power Only Expedite

We provide Power Unites for your fleet to cover Surge freight

We have experience in providing Power Only Units for many different companies and can design the services to meet your needs. Some companies need dedicated daily Power only service. We can also offer this service, as well as our Power Only Expedite Services. 

What kind of trailer can we pull with our qualified drivers and power Units?

We are experienced in providing Power Only services to companies pulling Dry Vans, Conestoga, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Specialized, and Refrigerated  Trailers, 

How does our Power Only Expedite Service actually save companies money in the long run? Many companies own their own fleets to move freight from. This process will have have seasonal surges. The expense to purchase extra trucks and hire extra drivers for seasonal freight drives up the operating cost. Our solution is to only use our drivers during the surge season and use your drivers during the daily normal activity. This allows Companies to keep the same size fleet year around. A company can set a steady weekly, monthly or yearly budget and cost for their fleet. The company can use us when they have extra loads to get out. 

For us to provide this service it does require a slightly higher rate than a daily truck would get. A daily truck can count on a minimum amount of revenue for the week, month, and year. An Expedite truck makes himself available for those loads that are unexpected and has to make a little more for the last minute service. It is our goal to make our services an overall cost savings for the company.

When can a company see the benefit of having an Expedite carrier on call at the last minute?

When a driver calls in sick at the last minute. When the daily load count increases above a companies trucking capacity for the day. When drivers take off for vacation. When an unexpected event like a snow storm or hurricane happens. We a seasonal surge in freight is expected. These are all good examples of when we can help any fleet with Expedite Power Only Services

How Much Notice do we require? There is no time limit. When we receiver the call, We start working the load. During regular business hours we should be able to find trucks quickly ( normally the trucks can be at your dock within 2-3 hours) If we receive one of those 3 am calls from a customer and we are not currently providing capacity with a group of trucks on call in their area expecting early morning calls,  it could take a little longer.  Regardless of the situation,  we will get a truck to the customer's dock ASAP. We have an experienced team who handles these kinds of loads regularly. 

Do we have a minimum numbers of trucks? No that is why we are calling it Expedite Power Only Services. We will provide you 1 truck or 100 trucks without notice. You order what you need when you need it.

What is the rate for Expedite Power Only Service? We set the rate as reasonable as possible. The number one factor that decides the rate is current Market. The more available trucks in a location or area market the easier it will be to cover the last minute freight at a lower rate. In a market or area where trucks are slim the rate would be higher. Give me a call to discuss the area you service, the kind of freight you are moving, any special requirements ( like driver unload). I will use my years of experience to design a system for your fleet that provides the capacity you need within a reasonable budget.