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We provide Flatbed Expedite Services

What is the difference in Flatbed Expedite Services and normal Flatbed Services?

Normally a Customer will contract a Flatbed Carrier or a Broker to provide services for specific lanes with a discount depending on the volumes of freight awarded. This is normally done by a bidding process. We would consider this normal over the road Flatbed Freight. Expedited Services are required when a carrier or broker hits an unexpected snag or volumes go up above what was expected. When a company, carrier, or broker has freight stuck on the dock and are struggling to get the freight moved they can call for an Expedite Service.

How does Expedite work and How are we able to get a truck for the load if the other carrier or Broker fails? The Landstar system is larger than most carriers and brokers as well as being structured different. With Landstar being a larger carrier we have more trucks to offer. Our second advantage is the structure of the company. Landstar drivers are paid on a percentage basis. The Landstar agents only get paid when they move freight. 

How does this help us provide Expedite capacity better than our competition?

The structure gives the agents an incentive to answer the phone day and night and move the freight. It is only natural for people who get an incentive to work harder at accomplishing the task.  The Landstar drivers are paid on a percentage basis and have some of the strictest qualification requirements in the industry. By both giving the drivers an incentive to keep loads moving and requirements that only the best drivers can meet, Landstar has built one of the best fleets in the country.

Does it cost more to Expedite a load?

The short answer is Yes an Expedited load will cost more than a contracted over the road rate. But the long answer is No. When freight does not get delivered it can end up costing the shipping company much more. Keeping customers happy and delivering freight on time as scheduled helps increase reorders and the shipping company is better off long term.

Why charge more for Expedite Services than normal Truckload freight?

Truckload over the road freight is scheduled well in advance normally. When a customer gives a carrier or broker a scheduled volume of freight, it is much easier to budget the job and find ways to save both the carrier and customer money. When a customer calls for an Expedite Truck it is short notice and we have to charge a slightly higher rate to draw the capacity and provide the service.

How much more can it cost to expedite a load above the normal over the road price?

Only the market can set a rate for an expedite load. There are many factors such as how many trucks are available within a set distance, How much notice was given to find the lowest cost truck, and what special requirement the load may have.

How can a company get set up to receive Flatbed Expedite Services? Give me a call at 423-328-1185 or 888-907-8678. I will set up  your account, and design a rate structure for your loads. We will design a plan that works for each customer rather than trying to make one size fit all.

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